Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Fungus Group

Our members are all amateur enthusiasts who want to broaden their interest in fungi and to help with their conservation as they come under an increasing threat from the depletion of our woodlands and forests. Our goals are to:


Observe, Identify, Record, Protect & Educate

Fungi Identification and ForaysFungus Identification Group

We are a local fungi recording group affiliated to the British Mycological Society.  We have about 30 members with a wide range of experience and skills, but who share a particular interest in fungi and foraying for fungi.  

Some of us have microscopes and reference books to help with identification, some like to photograph fungi and others prefer to enjoy looking at, and sometimes putting a name to, fungi in the field.  

Although some of us enjoy eating fungi, as a group this is not our focus. We are also mindful that our forays are often on private land, having obtained permission from the land owner. In these cases picking for eating is often not allowed.

We are always pleased to see newcomers.  If you ever wanted an answer to the question "What are fungi?", you couldn't come to a better group. Why not come along to a foray and see what we do?  We are happy to welcome new members at all levels of expertise, including children accompanied by an adult.  (But if you want to bring a dog, you should check with the leader beforehand.)  

If you are interested in joining our group, download the form on the 'Join' page. If you have any questions you can email us at 'info@hertfordshirefungusgroup.org'

Thinking About Eating Fungi? Heed This Warning

There are many types of fungi which can be eaten safely, but there are also some extremely poisonous species. There is NO simple method by which poisonous species can be distinguished from edible ones.

It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that unfamiliar fungus specimens should NOT be eaten, unless they have been identified carefully and with absolute certainty by a competent mycologist. Even with familiar species it is important to ensure material is fresh and in good condition if it is to be eaten.

UK Fungus Day at Ashridge

January 5, 2014 - 17:39 -- fungiadmin

Ashridge was the ideal venue for this event: a SSSI site half in Bucks, half in Herts, a large expanse of mature mixed woodland with good grassland areas too, also a very popular destination for recreation having car parks and excellent facilities including a café and shop within the NT building complex where our display was to be held.