Some spring fungi

Sarcosphaera coronata (Violet crowncup)

Morchella esculenta (Morel)

After a slow start, it looks like a good year for some of the spring fungi.  Kerry found these beautiful examples recently in Herts woodland.

Spring programme

Our Spring programme is now in the calendar on the Home Page.  Members should have received a copy by email.

Interesting bracket on birch

A recent photo from a Beds wood.  Always worth looking at the underside of brackets.  This is the Birch mazegill, similar to the rarer Oak mazegill, but occurs on birch, has a thinner fruitbody and thinner-walled slitlike pores.

Cheery autumn fungus

A welcome sight at Bricket Wood a couple of weeks ago, Amanita muscaria (Fly agaric) with a beautiful frilly ring, only lacking an elf sitting on top.  Photo by Darren.

Autumn programme

The autumn programme has just been added to the calendar on the home page

Spring programme

Our spring programme is now in the calendar.  Members should have received a copy.

Sandy siltball

The strange fungus Battarrea phalloides was found near Ware in early December.  Previously very rare, it is now turning up from time to time, but still a lovely find.

Sandy RSPB reserve meeting - changed arrangements

This year, at the request of the RSPB, this meeting is for HBFG members only, and pre-booking with Alan Outen is required.

A new Beds record

The group found Mycena rhenana on an old alder cone at Flitwick Moor last weekend, which is a new species record for Beds.  Photo from Claudi


Autumn programme

Our autumn programme was sent to members recently, and can be seen in the calendar.